Guest Preachers

Rev. Chris Jones preaches “Nothing from Nothing” for the GHBC 61st anniversary.

Pastor Michael Jerry Sanders preaches 2018 Revival close

Pastor Kenneth McGhee preaches 2018 Revival

Pastor Dr. Byron Lennon preaches the opening Revival 2018 sermon

Elder Keith Oden preaches at the Harvest for the Ushers Anniversary

Rev. Dr. Perry Simmons preaches the word on our 60th Anniversary afternoon service.

Rev. Andre Coley brings the word on our 60th Anniversary morning service.

Pastor Andre Coffee of First Timothy Baptist Church Preaches “The Perfect Storm”

Pastor Earl Cross of Lydia Baptist Church “I’m going home believing”

Rev. Chris Jones Preaches “It’s a Man’s World”

Dr. Byron Lennon Sr. Preaches for the Church anniversary.

Pastor Jerry Sanders Preaches the First Night of Revival

Elder Keith Oden Preaches the Sunday Kickoff to Revival

Pastor Ralph Branch preaches Revival at the Harvest