Pulpit Ministry

Reverend Reginald Thomas, Pastor. Newark native, went to 15th Avenue school for Kindergarten and first grade. God has brought him full circle in the community to lead Greater Harvest. Pastor Thomas is a Bible based leader, with a strong sense of family, and teaches love and compassion to all people. Pastor Thomas believes in the power of prayer, and often quotes the scripture “the prayers of the righteous availeth much”. The philosophy of worship, and high praise that is stressed at the Harvest is the key to the blessings of the Lord being manifested in the lives of the believers and members of Greater Harvest. Pastor Thomas teaches Bible Study, (Wednesday night @7pm) and Sunday School (Sunday @9am).


Faithful, tenacious and obedient are 3 words that describe Min. Shalanda Lynett Thomas.  It was God’s Will and these characteristics that have enabled her to stand before women, men and children to speak words of inspiration and encouragement over them.

Growing up in Syracuse, NY Shalanda experienced love and security with her parents and her sister.  After graduating High School, she decided to spread her wings and ventured out to Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. It was there that she began to develop her independence and confidence.

Always having had an intense desire to succeed Shalanda never accepted average or mediocre. She always knew there was more and her inner drive motivated her to achieve it. After graduating with a degree in Accounting, her spiritual growth continued as well. Shalanda was saved at the church her great-grandfather founded and pastored, West Deep Creek Baptist Church in North Carolina at the tender age of 9, while in a spirit-led revival.

An active member in the church, she has consistently served on several ministries in different capacities.  Shalanda understands that her life is not her own but instead a gift that must be used to glorify God.  Shalanda’s faith in God grew stronger as she grew older.

A licensed minister, Shalanda gave her initial sermon on January 20, 2002. As Shalanda’s faith continued to grow, her life also began to change. Shalanda met and soon married her husband Reginald Thomas in 2005.


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